Paul Campbell has made a name for himself portraying devious, psychotic, bad guys in films such as: Dancehall Queen, Machete Joe, Shottas and First Sunday. His leading role & performance in Palm Picture’s Lunatic cemented Campbell as a venerable force and showcased his prowess as a method actor.
Campbell was born in Jamaica. It was at the Jamaica School of Drama, where Campbell incorporated into his acting arsenal his experiences growing up in the gritty streets of Kingston. His stage credits include leading roles in: Flame Heart, Checkers, the Mikado, White Witch of Rose Hall, Foreign Mind, Masquerade, and Mansong. Campbell has also worked extensively in the UK & the US. His credits include the lead role of Bogle in Catch a Fire for BBC TV, & the lead roles in the stage productions: Nine Nights, Whiplash, & Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Campbell’s TV credits include: Entry Denied, Final Verdict, County of The One-Eyed God, and Salome. Campbell’s other big screen credits include: Third World Cop, Wide Sargasso Sea, The Return of Fire, Bloodline, and Fire.
Always conscious of not being boxed into any Hollywood stereotypes, Campbell took control of his own destiny by forming PAR Pictures. His company’s first film, Heart of Summer is a romantic drama in which Campbell deviates from his typical bad guy role that has made him infamous. In his role he plays a staunch Christian father who tries to protect his daughter. His Company’s next project Where Sleeping Dogs Lie, a psychological suspense thriller, will be filmed in Miami and Los Angeles. It’s about a man who justifiably harbors grudges and hate, because of a robbery spree that goes awry when his so called friends turn him in.
Campbell is also an accomplished artist whose paintings have been exhibited in London, England, Kingston, Jamaica, and Lugano, Switzerland. His paintings along with several of his celebrated lines are showcased on his new t-shirt line the PC Collection.
Campbell’s voice can be heard as the narrator for the famous Anancy Stories which can now be downloaded via Anancystories.com. Campbell has also teamed up with Enticin Productions to produce a series of short stories that will be filmed throughout the Caribbean for Worldwide distribution under the Paul Campbell Presents series. In 2010, Campbell will unveil his one man interactive stage show which kicks off in Miami and will embark on an 18 month tour throughout the Caribbean, Europe and the United States.
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Since her first on-screen job co-hosting BET’s Mad Sports, Shelli has appeared in over 17 films, national and international commercials, print campaigns for Anhueser-Busch, radio spots and several hit television shows. One of her most notable roles was as series regular Evan Reed in Saints and Sinners, a 2007 primetime drama on FOX’s My Network TV. Shelli has co-starred on popular episodics such as Entourage, Days of Our Lives and The Young and the Restless. She also showed her range, playing twins, as the lead in the Lionsgate DVD release of Holla, a comedy/horror film that garnered her a Best Actress nomination in the Chicago Film Festival. The film was acquired by BET for cable television. Stepping into the new digital age, Shelli is a series regular on a new webisode sponsored by Comedy Central called “Hot Sluts: Rated R!” She shows her comedic skills as the feisty Tawny, the DJ at the club where the series is based. “It is an unbelievable feeling to have shared the screen with actors like Heather Ledger, David Alan Grier, Anthony Mackie and Larenz Tate,” says Boone. “These are people I watched at home as a kid, and now I have the chance to work with them doing what I love – it’s fantastic!”
She was nominated for an NAACP Best Actress Award for her stage portrayal of Dorothy Dandridge in "Dorothy and Otto" and she also embodied the vivacious Josephine Baker in "When Divas Were Divas”, currently touring colleges in Southern California.  Shelli also headlined the gospel production of Treat Her Like a Lady, directed by Roy Fegan of The Five Heartbeats.  “I think the stage is where I do some of my best work”, says Boone.  “It’s where you can really connect with the audience.  In a sense, you are feeling together.  Plus, you never know what’s going to happen –and that’s the fun part!" With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Communications and having worked as a production assistant and line producer, Shelli also has extensive experience behind the camera.  She is developing these skills further by writing, producing and directing her own projects.  Last year, she created a stage production called “The Spirit of a Woman”, featuring song, dance and acting pieces from various female performers.  It played to sold out audiences.  Shelli is planning to make this an annual production.  This year, she is co-producing her first short film under the Dushell Productions moniker, due to shoot in the summer.  She is also writing a one-woman show based on the lives of frontier women, slated for an April premiere. 
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Samuels found fame on the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation's television series Oliver At Large, which was created by producer Calvin Butler and playwright Aston Cooke. In this series, Oliver played his alter ego Olivius Adams, aka Oliver. The series featured sketches from Oliver's exploits, often with his sidekick, Maffi. Several spin-off theatre pieces have been created for the Oliver character including Large Abroad, Oliver's Posse (1999), Oliver and Pinocchio (2001), and Oliver and the Genie (2002).
Oliver Samuels, known by most through his vastly popular television series, Oliver at Large, has combined a career in marketing with life on stage, touring every year between spring and summer before returning home for his executive offices at Mack D's—the Kingston-based company where he is a director and head of marketing and public relations.
Abroad, he is known as Jamaica's Bill Cosby, and is a brand name that is synonymous with Jamaica and laughter. Samuels is widely regarded as one of the funniest talents to emerge from the Caribbean.
In addition to his work with the local car company, Oliver Samuels was recently selected by the wire transfer service Unitransfer to star in a series of advertisements that will market their products to Florida's Caribbean community.
Samuels also, in recent times, piloted the launch of Oliver's Yaad Cyaad which features Samuels giving instructions in Patois and standard English. The unique feature of Patois prompts is a first for the international calling-card industry. Oliver Samuels is known to speak perfect patois!
As well as having a large following in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, Samuels frequently tours Britain and North America, playing to the Caribbean ex-pat community.
Recently Oliver Samuels took part in a pantomime which was a live performance showing at Hackney Empire from the 6th of November to the 7th of November, this show was called Common Law which is written by Jamaica's leading playwright Aston Cooke. First produced in Jamaica as CONCUBINE, Common Law has been performed in New York, Florida and Toronto. Common Law which was a live performance held at Hackney Empire on the 6th and 7th of November, was about Oliver who played Winston and his wife Patsy which he lived with for fifteen years. Winston decides to leave his wife Patsy of fifteen years to find another young attractive woman named Lisa.

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Few artists out of Jamaica can claim to have been on the Billboard Top 25 Hip-Hop R&B Sales chart. but in 2007 Everton did exactly that. Featured on Ms Triniti's smash single “Bongce Along," E-Dee was Bouncing Along for 5 weeks at the top, while in Jamaica his the video for the song "Revolution" reached #1. In 2010 the artist released "Rightful Place" the lead single to his the EP of the same name, and hit the Jamaica Top Ten chart again. E-Dee's music has been tapped by Hollywood to appear in such movies as Like Mike 2, I Think I Love My Wife, How She Move, as well as the ABC series Greek.
Everton's major screen roll was in Overkill starring Malik Yoba, and in 2011 he stars in Out The Gate, a feature film he co-wrote based on his life.

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The Village Brothers is the directorial team of R. Steven Johnson and Qmillion.

R. Steven Johnson
Steven has 12 films to his credit as an actor including Desert Thunder, Tomorrow Man, For The Love Of Money. On the tube his work includes The Shield, CSI Miami, JAG, The X-Files and more. Born in St Paul, MN, Steven has a MFA from USC, and been in major theatre productions including the lead in Shakespere's MacBeth and The Merry Wives Of Windsor.
In addition to acting in film, TV, and commercials, Steven has directed a TV series for network affiliate KTLA. Johnson has also completed his latest literary work entitled Convertible Chocolate, a Wonder Years meets Californication, currently being adapted for the big screen. In Out The Gate , Stevens directs, co-executive produced, as well as appears in.
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As a music producer, writer, performer, Qmillion has several Gold and Platinum awards in a career that includes writing hits for After 7, Paula Abdul, Juelz Santana, Billy Preston, and many more. Qmillions musical contribution to Film includes writing original music for Hollywood hits including White Men Cant Jump, The Five Heartbeats, The Sweetest Thing, Beautiful, to name a few. Qmillion composed the score to Nollywood darling Hurrincane In The Rose Garden.
In 2005 he began direcing music videos for the artists for the record label Unseen Lab Recordings, and 2011 brings the release of his first screenplay Out The Gate, on which he held several duties including co-writing, co-directing, and score.

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